School Staff

The staff and Governors at Thames View Junior would like to welcome you to our flourishing, vibrant school.  Please read Miss Mottershead’s Introductory Letter letter to become better acquainted with us.

Rachel Mottershead Head of School
Georgina Nixon Assistant Headteacher
Hans Ramduth Assistant Headteacher DSL
Nneyra Pass Year 3 Teacher
Shauna McCardle Year 3 Teacher
Aoife Stuart- McGovern Year 3 Teacher
Jair Lisboa Year 3 Teacher
Sandra Fennelly Year 3 LSA/ Cover Supervisor
Ellen Cook Year 4 Teacher
William Ashton Year 4 Teacher
Sandra Wilson Year 4 Teacher
Sharmin Begum Year 4 Teacher
Tina Dukoua Year 4 Teacher
Kuldeep Kaur Year 4 LSA/ Cover Supervisor
Karen Irving Year 4 LSA/ Cover Supervisor
Maria Romero Year 5 Teacher
Catherine Bannigan Year 5 Teacher
Gareth Sweeney Year 5 Teacher
Laura O’Halloran Year 5 Teacher
Carol Todd Year 5 LSA/ Cover Supervisor
Emily Kirwan Year 6 Teacher
Lister Denton Year 6 Teacher
Michael Pillay Year 6 Teacher
Samantha Ouellette Year 6 Teacher
Jade Abrahams Business Officer
Denise Crudington Social Inclusion Officer DDSL
Isa Johnson Access and Attendance Officer
Manpreet Jadgev Receptionist
Joanne Evans Admin Assistant
Hawa Farook Admin Assistant
Lynn Dove Midday Supervisor
Raikhan Kilic Midday Supervisor
Kanika Maitra Midday Supervisor
Denise Huggins Midday Supervisor
Kara Oswald Midday Supervisor
Joanne Wellwood Midday Supervisor
Marie Allen Midday Supervisor
Leiyna Hardman Midday Supervisor
Nasrin Choudhry Midday Supervisor
Luke Abrahams Site Caretaker