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Topic Homework Spring 1 

Choose one of the following projects as part of your spring term homework.

To be completed by 2nd February 2018


  1. Create a model of a rainforest. What could you use to recreate the layers of the rainforest and the animals and plants within it? You could use a shoebox as a starting point
  2. What is being done to preserve the rainforest and to stop human destruction? Do a research project on sustainable rainforest products. Collect examples from home e.g. food wrappers that have the sustainable logo (as in picture).
  3. Find out about a tribe who live in the Rainforest. Where do they live? Do they have houses? What do they eat? How do they get their food? What do they wear? What language do they speak? Do children attend school? Be creative with the presentation of your findings e.g. an information poster, a PowerPoint, a day in the life diary
  4. Invent your own rainforest creature. Think about: What it is like; where it lives (which layer of the forest); what it eats (diet); who hunts it (predators). This will be an art project so you can use paints, crayons, chalks or a collage etc.
  5. Maths / ICT homework. Research an aspect of the rainforest e.g. animals, plants. Find out the different sizes of about 10 different species and order them from smallest to biggest on a number line. Be creative with your presentations i.e. you could draw and cut out the animals and stick them onto a long bit of paper. Remember to include their sizes!

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